International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP) viert 10-jarig jubileum

10th Anniversary of the International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP)

International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP)


Take Advantage of our Very Special 10th Anniversary Offer!

    • Full Conference Video Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Shared Parenting held on May 5-7, 2023, in Athens, Greece NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE
    • 10th Anniversary Live-Online Conference on May 3, 2024

As the world’s leading organization devoted to the study of shared parenting and the best interests of children after parental separation, the International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP) is celebrating its 10th anniversary after the foundation on 21-23 Febuary, 2014 in Bonn, Germany.

Within the last ten years the ICSP has organized six International Conferences on Shared Parenting, the most recent in Athens, Greece, held on May 5-7, 2023.

In the frame of our 10th ICSP anniversary we are pleased to announce a very special offer to all members, conference delegates and interested persons:

The entire video proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Shared Parenting are now available to the public. The whole archive has been online since July 2023, but was reserved for registered persons. Ten months after the successful conference in Athens, we are very pleased to announce, that the videos are now available for free to the public.

The footage includes all 100+ presentations at the conference, including all plenary, workshop, round table and panel presentations as well as Q&A. Registration is open at the conference website.

Take the opportunity and share it with your networks to view the latest   scientific research as well as presentations on best practices in law and mental health practice on shared parenting, parental alienation and the best interests of children and families undergoing separation and divorce. The theme of our sixth international conference was, New Paradigms: Advances in Research and Practice on Shared Parenting. Our subthemes included: International Comparisons in Shared Parenting Law, Best Practices in Child- and Family Friendly Justice, Best Practices in Child- and Family-Friendly Mental Health Intervention, Experiences of Children and Families Affected by Domestic Violence and Parental Alienation, and Overcoming Barriers to the Establishment of Shared Parenting in Law. The vídeos from the conference workshops are grouped according to these five subthemes.

Detailed speaker information is available in the conference booklet.

The Athens conference was our most ambitious to date, in regard to the number and wide scope breadth of the presentations on offer, and we are happy to share this rich store of information with a wider audience.

The Council’s goals are, first, the advancement of scientific knowledge on the needs and best interests of children whose parents are living apart, and second, to formulate evidence-based recommendations about the legal, judicial and practical implementation of shared parenting. The Council has compiled a large literature database of new research on child and family outcomes in shared parenting families, and seeks to integrate this scientific knowledge into family law and professional practice.

We have published a series of consensus statements about shared parenting and the best interests of children at the conclusion of each of our six international conferences to date. Here are the conclusions of our sixth conference.


In the frame of the 10th anniversary the ICSP is organizing a Live-Online conference on May 3, 2024 offering a cross-country review on the development and state of shared parenting. Further information will follow soon.